6 Jun 20:00

The Netherlands Chamber Choir & HERMESensemble

Conductor: Peter Dijkstra

Composer: Huang Ruo
Concept and director: Karmina Šilec 
Production: Muziektheater Transparant & Nederlands Kamerkoor
Premiere: 22 April 2023, All Arias Festival, Bruges

Huang Ruo, Between Two Lights, vocal theatre in two parts

A musical and theatrical interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead on an abstract, universal level, Between Two Lights seeks inspiration in the moment of consciousness between the light of the past life and the light of the next. As this moment occurs, the light of one’s previous life is dimmed, and the light of the next life has not emerged yet. The project recreates this timeless space in which people feel and are felt, reflect on existence and are heard, seek and are seen.
The author of this vocal theatre, the amazing Karmina Šilec, winner of the prestigious Golden Mask Award for her achievements in theatre (2016), again astounds with her display of great originality and conceptual freshness. In an attempt at “defining connections between space, time, and sound” the inimitable Huang Ruo has developed a multi-dimensional music composition technique. Redefining Wagner's concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, and transcending the conventional boundaries between Western and Eastern art, Ruo’s ‘dimensionalism’ calls into question our perceptions of musical and cultural diversity.


The Carmina Slovenica vocal theatre shoots through the soul like a laser beam… you have to hear and see it to be able to believe it…


A mesmerizing new work that is part opera, part dynamic art installation.
Wall Street Journal

The flashiest and most openly exuberant piece of the evening, was a cello concerto ... The visual aspects of Mr. Huang’s imagination were apparent: the piece crackled with color and movement.
Anne Midgette

The Netherlands Chamber Choir & HERMESensemble

6 Jun 20:00
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