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7 Jul 2020 21:00

Mala terasa sredi Ljubljane: M. U. G. Trio

A Small Terrace in the Midst of Ljubljana
Music, theatre, cabaret and everything in between…
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 30 June and 23 July

Marko Brdnik, accordion
Uroš Rakovec, guitar
Gašper Peršl, drums
For lovers of genre-bending musical escapade


Marko Brdnik, Uroš Rakovec and Gašper Peršl have built promising careers as soloists, chamber and studio musicians. They play (also together) in various Slovenian and international award-winning avant-rock, jazz, etno-jazz, etc. bands. They write music (also together) for different theatre performances, dance shows and films.


As an accordion and guitar duo Brdnik and Rakovec have recorded Leta, an album that has garnered praise for its singular sound, “a release of the highest calibre that easily ranks alongside some of the most acclaimed performers in this genre and is cut out for the world’s most prestigious venues.
Andrej Predin, Slovenske novice



The album – although made by well-known musicians – will undoubtedly come as a major revelation for lovers of genre-bending musical escapades.
Mario Batelić, Radio Študent

Brdnik and Rakovec masterfully steer clear of stereotypes commonly associated with bands foregrounding the accordion and guitar. While Leta’s eleven compositions display a pronounced Mediterranean and South American (melancholy) sensitivity, the two musicians freely inform it with other motifs, ideas not commonly found in similar genres. What has emerged is a sophisticated album that caters to music appreciators, but whose poetic lyricism will also appeal to less discerning listeners.
Goran Kompoš, Mladina

The MUG Trio was formed in 2019. The band’s new self-penned compositions will be recorded and released in September.


In accordance with the decree of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted due to altered epidemiological conditions face masks or other face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces regardless of social distance.

Mala terasa sredi Ljubljane: M. U. G. Trio

7 Jul 2020 21:00
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