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Live events

live events

We organise events in Cankarjev dom’s halls or, at the request of the client, elsewhere in Slovenia, as well as abroad. 

The advantages of live in-person meetings are interpersonal interaction among participants, more genuine exchange of experience and closer, more permanent contacts. Our venues are much more than just studio facilities, technical production or online chatroom.

Conference of the European Diplomatic Programme 
“We would like to thank Cankarjev dom and its team for their help in organizing and implementing the Conference of the European Diplomatic Programme on 11 and 12 November 2021.
The conference was a great success. All participants were full of praise for both the conference organisation and its topics. As regards the organisation itself, I have nothing but praise for the professionalism, accessibility and friendliness of Cankarjev dom’s team – everything was implemented at the highest level possible.”
Andraž Zidar, PhD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia

Unlocking Success: 10 Compelling Reasons to Host a Conference, Seminar, or Workshop

10 razlogov

1.    Exchange of knowledge and experiences
2.    Networking and connections
3.    Acquiring new knowledge
4.    Professional development
5.    Encouraging innovation
6.    Promotion of products or services
7.    Building reputation and authority
8.    Community support
9.    Dissemination of information
10.  Inspiration and motivation


Hybrid events

One event – two experiences. The event is organised live and online at the same time. 
A simple solution for rationalizing costs and time. Depending on the distance from the venue, participants decide for themselves whether to attend it in-person or online. A hybrid format provides better access to distinguished speakers, which creates a positive experience and enhances the programme of each event. 

“Organising a hybrid conference is a much bigger challenge than organising an event only live or online. There are so many details to consider, and you have to predict the unpredictable. Everything is much easier with Cankarjev dom because its experienced team members provide guidance, draw attention to all the things that raise an event to a higher professional level and are always available for consultation when a dilemma arises about how to deal with something. And they find a solution if the unpredictable occurs – solving the problem in such a way that the participants fail to even notice that something could have gone wrong due to force majeure. 
In short: when organizing an event at Cankarjev dom, you sleep peacefully the night before because you are in the best of hands!”
Sonja Robnik, PhD, Labour Relations and Labour Rights Directorate, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Online events


No more cancellations. In unpredictable circumstances, a meeting takes place online, and the participants attend it from their computers – in the safety of a virtual environment. While it cannot completely replace a live event, a virtual event has its advantages: it is risk-free, has lower costs (travel, accommodation), saves time and makes a lower environmental impact.

4th European Conference on Domestic Violence, ECDV 2021
“OnAIR provided a solution for our conference because we were forced to turn a three-day meeting, which in a live format offers many opportunities for informal gathering and networking, into a digital event. Our conference organizer, Cankarjev dom, introduced us to the OnAIR platform, which allows for excellent presentation of papers and also interactive work in small groups. The conference ran smoothly, flawlessly and without technical difficulties. The team of Cankarjev dom helped us enormously in preparing for the event. The scheduled programme was carried out down to the last detail – from plenary lectures, session debates and round tables that included several speakers and an audience, to different levels of access for the participants and presentation of conference posters.”
Assist. Prof. Ana Marija Sobočan, PhD
Department of Social Justice and Social Inclusion Studies
Faculty of Social Work, University of Ljubljana



Our mission is to organize meetings.

Cankarjev dom is a professional congress organiser and a pillar of Slovenia’s congress industry. Our mission is organising meetings.
We organise the events entrusted to us with experience, expertise and technological support. The challenges we have been confronting these past years encouraged us to develop new ways of planning and implementing. 

We have entered the digital age with the upgraded EventsAir meeting management software, a platform hosting countless events around the world. A tried-and-tested technology, we have used it for registration and communicating with participants, expert committees, for accepting and evaluating contributions (abstracts and papers), planning exhibitions, organising posters and numerous other tasks requisite for the successful implementation of a congress or conference. 

The OnAir module today allows for unlimited meetings in an online or hybrid format.


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An dministrative centre of Ljubljana, where Cankarjev dom is located,  is easily accessible on foot, by car or by public transport. Under the Square of the Republic there is a large parking garage, and the latest one is just a stone's throw away under the Congress Square. Both are sufficient to cover the needs of motorised conference guests. A great advantage of the location is that all the city's attractions, and especially the key hotels are within walking distance. In these terms Cankarjev dom is a very friendly and nice location to conference guests.

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