1 Jun 2021 20:00


Choreography: Urška Centa

ENO – ONE is a performance about a woman and her quest for freedom and co-existence. She shares a single body, space and time with other women. She builds oneness with them, and they are reflected in her singularity. Her steps are common steps, her thought is the thought of countless others and her wing is a field that allows only collective co-existence. Until her sense of belonging is dispelled by a taste of the individual and her pores are imbued with the smell of freedom. The show is grounded in the language of flamenco, exploringly coupled with contemporary dance and urban sound that effortlessly draw from other musical cultures. The elements of movement, flamenco’s physical complements – foot stomping, finger snapping, palmas handclapping, breath and voice – constitute a musical instrument and co-shape the musical composition.



1 Jun 2021 20:00
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14,00 EUR

10,00 EUR * 9* EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners, discounted prices for the lowest seat category

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Concept, choreography: Urška Centa
Dance: Urška Centa, Tina Habun
Music: Robert Jukič, Tomaž Gajšt

Production: Flota, Ljubljana, Flota
Co-production: Cankarjev dom, CoraViento



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