Past event
16 Feb - 12 Apr 2023

DALJNOGLED 2022 (ForwardVision)

Design Identity – Daljnogled (ForwardVision) Series

Design Manca Udovič
Daljnogled 2022 Award
In cooperation with the Designers Society of Slovenia.

We imagine the future as a world abounding in technology, robots and, consequently, geometric elements that convey an impression of being uncomfortable. But what if that's not the case? What if it’s all an illusion? The “Illusion of a Soft Future” collection is a new version of elegant pleats combined with a smooth, compact material in warm shades. The cold-grey hemming tape, wound softly between the materials, creates an illusion of a comfortable technological future.

Jury statement
The elegant women's clothing collection constitutes a well-considered fusion of elements of architecture and fashion design. The complex and carefully tailored clothing features an intertwinement of curved, soft lines of the compact polyester fabric and the unobtrusively rigorous, straight lines of pleats. The collection has been designed with a sophisticated flair for elegance, detail and coherence, and with a great deal of patience, clarity and determination. The felicitous artistic articulation of the vision of a robotized and technicised future, where strict geometric elements are "softened" into comfortable wearability, testify to the artist’s feel for contemporary fashion design and at the same time a palpable sense of originality. 


DALJNOGLED 2022 (ForwardVision)

16 Feb - 12 Apr 2023
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