From Dec 13 until 2022 to Nov 5 2023

In the Vortex of Change

Large natural history exhibition
In cooperation with the Slovenian Museum of Natural History

If the history of Earth were charted on a 24-hour clock, mankind would come into existence in the last seven seconds

The large natural history exhibition, the first of its kind in the history of Cankarjev dom, charts the evolution of Earth, from its formation 4.6 billion years ago, tracing its life forms and revealing the hidden, unusual, surprising life and natural events, often invisible to the human eye. 

The show provides an up-close and interactive look into evolution, from the formation of the planets to life on Earth, as well as individual natural environments characteristic of Slovenia (mountain, marine, karst worlds...), featuring animal and plant species that our posterity may no longer experience in their natural habitats. Slovenia has a turbulent geological history and a high level of biodiversity, which is changing much faster today, an effect caused also by humankind in irrevocably accelerating some processes that would otherwise take their natural course. 

Surprising Life devotes particular attention to educational programme aimed at primary and secondary school students, as well as adults. Planned in great detail and curriculum-focused, the schools programme offers learning opportunities for a range of educational needs. The guided tours and workshops will also take place in the Council of Europe Park outside Cankarjev dom.

As the last sighting of European hamster (Cricaetus cricaetus) in Slovenia was reported over two decades ago, this species is presumed to have become extinct in our geographical area.

Due to climate and forest change, the species range of one of Slovenia’s largest birds, the western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), has decreased drastically.


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In the Vortex of Change

From Dec 13 until 2022 to Nov 5 2023
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