14 Sept - 1 Nov 2021

Virginia Vrecl

Art Critics' Choice - a series of presentations by the Slovenian Association of Art Critics
Critic: Dejan Sluga

Virginia Vrecl (Slovenia) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in 1997. After graduation, she collaborated with various architecture offices, and in 1999 began her solo career in architectural planning. She started working on architectural photography while researching the architectural space. Since 2014, she has been independently exhibiting or participating in numerous group exhibitions, while her architectural photographs have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and catalogues, as well as on domestic and foreign web portals.

The series Arrigoni Izola, created in 2019, depicts the contemporary ruins of the former fish-processing factory. Built in 1881 by Carel Warchanek, a businessman from Vienna, it encompassed 6 sites of production. In 1920, it was sold to the Società Anonima Prodotti Alimentari G. Arrigoni & CO from Trieste, and subsequently became one of the largest factories in the Istria region. The factory changed its name to Arrigoni in 1925. After World War II it both flourished and collapsed: it first employed 500 workers, changed its name to Argo, became a part of the Delamaris company and the Droga Portorož brand with 1 285 employees, and eventually ceased production towards the end of the 1980s. The former industrial halls of the Arrigoni factory were soon removed; what remains is the built structure which has become listed as a technical monument of industrial heritage: the wall, the entrance portal along the street that consists of two mirrored semicircular constructions, and the prominent 50 m tall brick chimney. Today this abandoned and degraded area represents a lot of potential for the further development of the city. With the right programme and architectural redevelopment, the city could gain a new cultural centre (a museum of fishing and fishing industry, galleries, theatre, cinema, etc.), including a public space for open-air events.


Dejan Sluga is Director and Chief Curator of the Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography. Holds BA in Art History and Sociology of Culture from the Faculty of Arts Ljubljana, pursued postgraduate studies at Sotheby's Art Institute London. Started the Photon Gallery in 2003. Launched the Photonic Moments – Month of Photography Festival in 2005. Opened Photon Gallery in Vienna in 2013. Since the launch of the Photon Gallery in Ljubljana, Sluga has curated and organised most of the Photon exhibitions and projects in Ljubljana, Slovenia and internationally, including the Photon Gallery Vienna. 

Virginia Vrecl

14 Sept - 1 Nov 2021
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