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12 May 2023 20:00

Lea Mihevc: Where Are You From, Girl

A project by Lea Mihevc
The show was selected for the 53rd Week of Slovenian Drama competition programme.

Devised and performed by: Lea Mihevc
Dramaturgy: Nik Žnidaršič


Where Are You From, Girl is a performance that uses music and narrative means to address the question of personal division. The division between two continents, between two places and between two people – between two selves. The actress performs for the audience, seeks to charm, seduce and entertain them, but at the same time it slowly becomes apparent that what she represents is fake. Her intimacy thus penetrates to the surface, dismantling the strictly defined structure of the concert and thereby displacing the image that the actress presents (to herself and to others).

With her voice and through the use of various music genres, she looks for potential openings in the established forms, expectations, even clichés. She juxtaposes a series of dualities, contrasting, connecting and resolving them. She explores what is truly hers and what belongs to others. What it means to simply be (available) – not only as an actor but also as a human being? When, if ever, does the need to belong disappear? She talks about (perhaps fake?) events and changes from a poised young woman into all her identities, including an insecure girl. She searches for her own voice, her own song, and thus the answer to the question of “where you are from, girl?”.

The emotional layering and the unfolding of intimate reflections figure prominently in Lea Mihevc’s large repertoire of symbolically charged and superbly interpreted songs, while in the delivery – through the music as a carrier of emotion – there emerges a coherent dramatic arc, a sequence of compositions interspersed with autobiographical accounts.
Kaja Novosel, Kritika, 3 November 2022

Lea Mihevc graduated in Stage Acting from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV (AGRFT) in 2021 under Jernej Lorenci and Branko Jordan – as Susn in the production “Mislila sem, da bo konec sveta drugacˇen” directed by Dorian Šilec Petek. As a student, Mihevc played Gertrude in Dragan Živadinov’s “H genotipu Hamlet”. The show was included in the accompanying programme of the Maribor Theatre Festival.

Prior to her studies, she lived in New York for five years, where she completed a two-year Meisner acting technique programme in the William Esper Studio. She is currently finishing her master's degree in Stage Singing (AGRFT), makes literature shows for RTV Slovenija, acts in TV series (Ja, Chef!), and is temporary member of the Slovenian National Theatre SNG Maribor. 
She first performed at Cankarjev dom in the show Preblizu (Too Close, Jaša Koceli, 2021).  

The original creation was co-produced by the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV in Ljubljana as part of the masters programme Stage Acting, major Stage Singing.

Lea Mihevc: Where Are You From, Girl

12 May 2023 20:00
12 May 2023 20:00
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