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Drago Jančar: I Saw Her That Night

Stage ballad in three tableaux

Stage adaptation Janez Pipan

A large co-production between Drama SNT Maribor, Burgtheater Wien, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, and Cankarjev dom Ljubljana presents I Saw Her That Night, undoubtedly one of the largest world-premiere stagings in the history of Slovenian theatre. A compelling and well-thought stage adaptation of Drago Jančar's eponymous novel was created by the director, dramaturg, intellectual and university professor at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Janez Pipan.

This co-production is not a fortuitous outcome of random events and connections but rather a logical consequence of the novel's narrative. Namely, all five narrators, each of whom is telling the extraordinary life story of Veronika Zarnik from their own perspective, are of different nationalities: a Serbian (military) officer Stevan (Veronika's lover), Veronika's demented mother, a German doctor, a Slovenian housekeeper Joži, and an aged partisan Jeranek. Even though their individual stories reveal only a part of the whole reality, they intersect and provide an intriguingly entangled narrative imbued with love, jealousy, courage, as well as cruelty, treason, and other human weaknesses and vices.

A love story between Veronika and Stevan, as depicted in the novel, as well as the turmoil of war and Veronika's fate, are just waymarks to an extremely evoking, intense and occasionally shocking story with an amazing staging potential. To present such a complex story onstage, one does not require only a brilliant theatrical concept, but, above all, life experience, erudition, open-mindedness, as well as love and respect for all that is human and fragile.  
Premiere: 24 September 2021, Drama SNT Maribor, Old Hall

Drago Jančar: I Saw Her That Night

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Director: Janez Pipan
Set designer: Marko Japelj
Video: Vesna Krebs
Costume designer: Leo Kulaš
Composer: Milko Lazar
Musical adaptations and repetiteur: Robert Mraček
Lighting designer: Andrej Hajdinjak
Choreography and martial arts: Sergio Moga
Language consultant: Metka Damjan



Veronika Zarnik: Nataša Matjašec Rošker
Leo Zarnik: Blaž Dolenc
Stevan Radovanović (Stevo): Milan Marić
Nebojša Ljubišić
Mirjana Šajinović
Anže Krajnc
Milena Zupančič
Uroš Smolej
Mateja Pucko
Irena Varga
Ivica Knez
Robert Mraček
Aleš Valič
Matevž Biber
Vladimir Vlaškalić
Daniel Jesch
Alfonz Kodrič
Kristijan Ostanek
Nejc Ropret
Petja Labović
Mojca Simonič
Dane Radulović

Co-production: SNG Maribor, Cankarjev dom, Burgtheater (Austria), Yugoslav Drama Theatre (Serbia)



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