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25 Mar 2024 19:00

Slavenka Drakulić: Invisible Woman

Slavenka Drakulić's Invisible Woman consists of a series of fragile and painful intimate stories, confessions and insights addressing the question why age and aging are practically forbidden topics in our modern society that shatters all taboos. Do we become invisible with age? What happens to our bodies, to our relationships with others and, more importantly, to the attitude of others towards us? Why do the links we forge throughout our lives suddenly become weak and tenuous?

Invisible Woman is a narrative about intersubjective relationships, about parent-child relationships, about leaving, forgetting, disappearing, oblivion, pain, shame and illness –those deepest emotions we dare not talk about.

Slavenka Drakulić: Invisible Woman

25 Mar 2024 19:00
25 Mar 2024 19:00
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18,00 EUR

14,00 EUR * * EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners.

Directed by: Ivana Djilas
Translation and text adaptation: Špela Frlic and Ivana Djilas
Cast: Špela Frlic, Maja Kunšič, Katja Povše
Puppet designer and maker: Gregor Lorenci
Set and light design: Sara Slivnik

Video design: Vesna Krebs
Costume design: Jelena Proković
Music: Boštjan Gombač
Choreography: Branko Potočan

Production: Anton Podbevšek Teater



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