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7 Oct
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23 Oct
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23 Mar
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TUE, 21 May, and WED, 22 May, at 19.30
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9. jun. 2024 ob 19.30
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Sometimes it’s good that things get delayed. That nothing is as it should be, and that coincidence creeps into systematic work. What is more, delays, unpredictable turns of events, unexpected and stressful project confirmations have turned out to crucially influence the programme’s selection process. And less randomly than it would seem.

Mateja Koležnik is one of those rare Slovenian theatre directors and artists working abroad to great success for many years. Primarily in German-speaking theatres, with German-speaking actors, working in a different cultural environment, which makes the job extremely challenging. However, she has been enjoying tremendous success. What's more, she's spectacularly successful at her job. None of her foreign productions has yet been shown in Slovenia. This will happen on 7 October. In Cankarjev dom’s Linhart Hall.

And if it wasn't for one rainy day in May and a chance encounter in Kongresni trg, the production Children of the Sun, one of last year's top 10 shows in Germanosphere (selected for the prestigious Teatertreffen festival) wouldn't have come anywhere near Ljubljana.

A hint of coincidences is discernible in all projects coming after the series’ introductory ‘treat’. A production announced two years ago by the Lyon Dance Biennial was replaced at the last moment by a Nigerian group Qudus Dance Company. What a surprise, what a revelation of Nigeria's rich dance and music culture and what powerful message communicated by the project Re:INCARNATION!!! This is just one of the reasons why we are hosting the group in late October.

Recirquel, a contemporary circus troupe, is touring all over the world and appearing at major festivals. The group’s name is universal and does not reflect its provenance. A quick search on the internet reveals that the troupe is based in our near vicinity: in Budapest. I am not sure whether ignorance is a form of coincidence, but the fact remains that Solus Amor is touring Ljubljana in the final days of the year.

The claim that choreographer Edward Clug and composer Milko Lazar have been an unstoppable creative duo for the past decade is proven by their shared international success. They have taken some of Europe's most prestigious stages by storm, while rarely – like Mateja Koležnik – working together in Slovenia. (One wonders why.) One formal phone call was enough for an unexpected collaboration to develop from the expected reply – a co-production between SNG Maribor and Cankarjev dom. The two artists really outdid themselves: Goethe's Faust, Clug's choreography, Lazar's music, brilliant dancers, equally brilliant orchestra... At the end of January in Gallus Hall.

The final trio of shows is simply impressive (no reason for false modesty): a stellar dance artist, choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira with the production C A R C A Ç A (Carcass) brings alive all the vibrancy of Portugal’s music and dance tradition and contemporary scene, accompanied by a live drummer-DJ duo. One Song by Belgian artist and director Miet Warlop, an exercise in exhaustion (the performers exhaust themselves physically, while viewers enjoy the show), is music theatre in its purest form. And finally – Soul Chain by a choreographer whose superb show brilliantly opened the Veličastnih 7 season in October 2018. No, it's no coincidence that Sharon Eyal is returning to Ljubljana, although a return appearance is not in line with the concept of the veličastni. series. And she's coming with a 20-member dance ensemble of Staatstheater Mainz. With a large-scale dance project, a production that can truly come to life only on a large stage.

In retrospect, everything seems logical. Ordinarily, time resolves all ambiguities and sheds light on most coincidences. Everything else is revealed onstage. 
We look forward to seeing you in our centre very soon.


Andrej Jaklič
CD Theatre and Contemporary Dance Programme Director 

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