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10 Feb 2024 20:00

Mnozil Brass

Organised by: VignaPR & Koda Events

For three decades, Mnozil Brass has been captivating numerous music enthusiasts both domestically and internationally. Mnozil Brass was established back in 1992 in Vienna and is considered today as one of the world's leading brass ensembles, effortlessly traversing classical, jazz, and other musical genres. Their performances are a true spectacle even from a theatrical perspective, as they are infused with comedic scenes. This is why they attract audiences of all generations to their concerts, including those who are not well-versed in music. The concerts of this seven-member group almost always evolve into an incredibly thrilling and enjoyable musical experience.

When we talk about Mnozil Brass, we are talking about one of the most internationally successful groups in the world. They perform over 100 concerts annually on every continent and have played on prestigious stages such as the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Most of their performances are sold out weeks in advance. Just as Thomas Gansch and his colleagues are open to the concept of performance, they are equally open-minded when it comes to matters of style. From a musical perspective, they cover a comprehensive spectrum. In their unique and multi-layered sound, they embrace everything - from jazz and pop to classical music and world music. Listening to and watching the Mnozil Brass ensemble, you can enjoy a musical experience at the highest level. You can hear that they are seven artists who share the same tonal visions and understand how to perform their music with a great deal of humor.

A concert with an intermission lasts for 2 hours.

Mnozil Brass

10 Feb 2024 20:00
10 Feb 2024 20:00
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The group is composed of seven musical virtuosos:

Thomas Gansch - trumpet
Robert Rother - trumpet
Roman Rindberger - trumpet
Leonhard Paul - trombone
Gerhard Füßl - trombone
Zoltan Kiss - trombone
Wilfried Brandstötter - tuba



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