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16 Dec 2023 18:00

Potujoča muzika

A concert by the combined selected youth choirs of Slovenia in celebration of the World Choral Music Day
Organized by: JSKD - Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities fulfills the national potential of amateur cultural activities

he December concert featuring combined choirs from across Slovenia marks the sixth biennial event hosted by the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities. This organization has been fostering the development of amateur cultural activities for both children and adults, organizing events at the regional, national, and international levels, and providing mentorship and editions.

"Potujoča muzika" was conceived in 2011 and arrives every two years. It consistently coincides with the holiday that, through a plethora of events worldwide, pays homage to World Choral Music Day (2nd Sunday in December). It stands as the largest event of its kind dedicated to this purpose in Slovenia. The primary message of this celebration is that, in music, we seek not only formal perfection and creative beauty but also come together to celebrate solidarity, peace, and understanding through collective effort.

Given the recent emphasis on the significance of high school choirs over the past two years, the 6th iteration of the event will provide a platform for 12 selected high school choirs from Slovenia to participate in Cankarjev dom. These choirs have demonstrated special effort and distinction in the preceding two years, acting as a bridge to the future excellent achievements of adult choirs.

Approximately 450 singers will join their voices together, having prepared intensively since September. They convened for a regional rehearsal, and on December 16, they will unite as a harmonious ensemble for the concert. The selected program features tested compositions for adult choirs, showcasing the capabilities of young performers.

Schools have facilitated high-quality and intensive work for the choirs through their preparations and participation in the concert. Choir conductors have been diligently preparing the singers for the "Traveling Music" concert since autumn. In the Gallus Hall, the choirs will be led by selected conductors, including the experienced Helena Fojkar Zupančič, Simona Rožman Strnad, and Damijan Močnik. The preparations for the concert demand rigorous effort from the choirs, fostering a sense of unity among young singers from the finest choirs in Slovenia, and providing them with a delightful experience of collaborative music-making.

The concert will be recorded by Radio and Television Slovenia.



Benjamin Britten (1913–1976): CEREMONY OF CAROLS, op. 28
 - This little Babe (Robert Southwell)
 - Balulalow (James, John, and Robert Wedderburn)
Damijan Močnik (1967): O VIRTUS SAPIENTIAE (Hildegard of Bingen)
Pavle Merku (1927–2014): ZELENI POLOG (Rezija folk song)
Hrabroslav Volarič (1863–1895): DIVJA ROŽICA (Hrabroslav Volarič)
Mojmir Sepe (1930–2020): ZEMLJA PLEŠE (Gregor Strniša)

John Rutter (1945): GLEJ TA NAŠ SVET! (Look at the World) (John Rutter, Slovenian lyrics by Irma Močnik)
Ubald Vrabec (1905–1992): JOŽEF, PRILETEN MOŽ (Slovenian Christmas carol)
Mary Lynn Lightfoot (1952): EXULTATE! (Psalm 81)
Nurit Hirsh (1942)/Tova Porot: EL HADERECH
Leo Mathisen (1906–1996), Erling Kullberg: TO BE OR NOT TO BE (Erik Perker)
Mojmir Sepe (1930–2020): BREZ BESED (Elza Budau)

Aljaž (1945–1927)/Janez Močnik (1936–1916): TRIGLAV (Matija Zemljič – Slavin)
Georg Friedrich Händel (1685–1759)/unknown arranger: CANTICORUM JUBILO from the oratorio
Juda Makabejec (unknown poet of the Latin text)
Lojze Lebič (1934): UPANJE (Anica Černej)


Girls' Choir of II. Grammar School Maribor, conductor Viljem Babič,
Girls' Choir of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Maribor, conductor Peter Novak Smolič,
GCC Girls' Choir - Girls' Choir of the Celje Grammar School - Center, conductor David Preložnik,
Girls' Choir of the Kranj Grammar School, conductor Erik Šmid.

Youth Choir of the A. M. Slomšek Episcopal Gymnasium Maribor, conductors Špela Drašler, Martina Ješovnik,
Choir of the Murska Sobota Grammar School, conductor Tomi Bušinoski,
Mixed Youth Choir of the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Maribor, conductor Peter Novak Smolič,
Mixed Youth Choir of the Brežice Grammar School, conductors Simona Rožman Strnad, Dejan Jerončič,
Mixed Youth Choir of the I. Grammar School in Celje, conductor Tomaž Marčič,
Mixed Youth Choir of the Celje School Center, conductor Matevž Pušnik,
Mixed Youth Choir of the Želimlje Grammar School, conductors Polona Stegu, Blaž Podobnik,
Mixed Youth Choir of Gimnazija Šiška, conductor Tereza Podlogar.

Helena Fojkar Zupančič (girls' choirs),
Simona Rožman Strnad (mixed youth choirs),
Damijan Močnik (united choirs).

Tadej Horvat, piano,
Tilen Bajec, organ,
Simon Prašnikar, piano,
Samo Vovk, bass guitar,
Miha Friedrich, drums.

Nik Škrlec.

Potujoča muzika

16 Dec 2023 18:00
16 Dec 2023 18:00
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