10 Oct 2023 19:00

New Fossils + Mozes & Kaltenecker + Ben Lamar Gay Ensemble

Hungarian Jazz & Beyond + 64th Jazz Festival Ljubljana post festum

NF: Daniel Ferenc Szabo, drums; Marcell Gyanyi, double bass; Daniel Varga, saxophones, Istvan Toth, guitar; Damjan Ocsovay, piano, keyboards
M & K: Tamara Mózes, vocals; Zsolt Kaltenecker, keyboards, fx
BLGE: Ben LaMar Gay, cornet, synth, vocals; Will Faber, guitar, vocals; Matt Davis, sousaphone, vocals; Tommaso Moretti, drums

New Fossils is a fresh Hungarian supergroup. The band’s members are committed to constantly searching out new paths and the inherent tensions in opposites. Their music is permeated with a sense of languor, and a clear link to the latest wave of contemporary urban jazz evident in the end result. Song-centric compositions are taken to a higher level, sometimes with electronics, sometimes through improvisation. They achieve this with consummate ease given that they were prominent figures on the Hungarian jazz and popular music scene as members of the Dresch Quartet or Mörk long before this band started. Their debut album was released in 2023 on their own label, Morotva Records. Intellectually engaging and dancy fourth-world anthems.
Experienced musicians Moses & Kaltenecker have joined forces to create a rich, atmospheric world based on keyboards with multiple effects, and a human voice. A very personal, unconventional contemporary production was born, digging deep and offering a trippy, dreamy sound which embraces the haunting psychedelia of Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk’s electronic approach, various pop and rock elements and modern jazz improvisations. They were awarded “Band of the Year” and their first album 'Futurized' (released by BMC Records) won “Album of the Year” by public vote at Jazzma in December 2022.

It's never too late. Ben LaMar Gay Ensemble was supposed to play at this year's Jazz Festival Ljubljana. Unfortunate circumstances may cause fortunate results, though, and the author of one of the finest jazzlike albums of recent years is coming to Ljubljana this October. Open Arms To Open Us (Nonesuch 2021), with the single Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You, is one of those creative albums that addresses a wider music community, a vibrant blend of genres and a groundbreaking release. And while performed live by a quartet, it vividly conveys the richness of musical expression, the inner coexistence of genre diversity, imaginatively interweaving jazz, blues, new music, folk, R&B, Tropicalia, two-step, hip-hop and beyond… Channelling a dizzying array of sound through the musical idea of spontaneity, the album is grounded in powerful instrumentalization and a wonderful gift for creating catchy and groovy tunes.

Open Arms to Open Us is full of rhythm or information that will assist my young folk in dealing with the repetition of things that aim to harm them or stunt their holistic progression. The title is a suggestion of a body movement that is used in many spiritual practices and is also a gesture that represents a type of understanding that leads to touch or a hug. The music is for dancing, reflecting, celebrating, bellowing, bawling, stimulation, focus and deciphering messages from loved ones here and beyond. It was the space in between the sound of my great grandfather's hammer that made me understand that, no matter what, We Gon Win.
en LaMar Gay

Hungarian Jazz & Beyond is supported by MOL – New Europe Foundation within the framework of the „Felhangolva” programme and Budapest Music Centre (BMC), and forms part of a multiannual bilateral programming agreement between CD and BMC.

New Fossils + Mozes & Kaltenecker + Ben Lamar Gay Ensemble

10 Oct 2023 19:00
10 Oct 2023 19:00
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