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20 Oct 2020 19:30

Thierry Escaich organ - cancelled or postponed

Mirror Dances

In compliance with the restrictive measures taken by the Government of RS to limit the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, Cankarjev dom has cancelled or rescheduled all events. All exhibitions are temporarily closed.

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Jean-Baptiste Lully
Overture to Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (arr. Th. Escaich)
Johann S. Bach
Fugue in G Major (à la Gigue), BWV 577
Belá Bártok
Romanian Folk Dances (arr. Th. Escaich)
Jehan Alain
Variations on a Theme by Clement Janequin
Nicolas de Grigny
Récit de tierce en taille
Thierry Escaich
Evocations I and II
Maurice Duruflé
Toccata from Suite for Organ, Op. 5
Improvisation – Dance Suite

Composer, organist and improviser Thierry Escaich – “one of the most fascinating chameleons of his generation” (Diapason) – is able to combine these three profiles in a unique manner, binding them inextricably together to reflect his rich inner world. An ambassador of the great French school of improvisation, Escaich is equally impressive as a brilliant performer keeping alive the time-honoured tradition of Paris organ school, or an inspired composer whose unique, highly personal style – informed by the French line of composition and imbued with references from contemporary music – covers a broad spectrum of forms and genres.
Presented under the evocative title Mirror Dances, the evening’s programme takes us on a thrilling musical journey. Pairing the elaborate grandeur of the Baroque style with contemporary pieces, it is interspersed with the organist’s own compositions and masterful improvisations.


There are vast torrents of notes – yet such is their energy and buoyancy that the listener is carried irresistibly in the flow. To counterbalance this apparently unstoppable force, Escaich concerns himself with structure and, in characteristically French fashion, also explores the colour and timbres of sound, with sometimes cataclysmic peaks.
The Guardian

In these works one can recognise the essential qualities of Escaich’s music; the originality of his harmonies, the richness of his orchestration and an unerring understanding of form. If Thierry Escaich has become the pre-eminent composer of his generation, it is through the value of his poetic ideas and the glorious atmosphere he creates, penetrated with lyrical impulses.



 His concerto exploits the full sonic and colour ranges of the orchestra and organ in this thrilling three-movement work, the second rising to an awe-inspiring climax only topped by the shattering coda of the finale.

Thierry Escaich organ - cancelled or postponed

20 Oct 2020 19:30
20 Oct 2020 19:30
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