Seasson 2022/23

Music of the World Season Series 2022/23

Past event
2 Oct
22,00 | 26,00 | 32,00 | 36,00 EUR

Past event
18 Oct
18,00 EUR

Past event
19 Oct
18,00 EUR

Past event
26 Jan
20,00 | 24,00 EUR

9 Feb, 13 Jul
20,00 | 24,00 EUR

In Search of a Smile
The new Music of the World season series taps into the South. This time, this southern course is even more pronounced. At a time fraught with pressing problems that seem to distract us from the important things in life, we cannot but search for exceptionality, the passion that at least temporarily takes us elsewhere else. Where a smile and a friendly “How’s it going?”  are worth more than your net worth. Of course, this is the Western world’s romantic viewpoint, but one that is inevitable. The South remains synonymous with relaxation, joy even in sadness and longing. And something we can resort to in our present reality and for future domestic use. May the old and new world music lift your spirits and bring sunnier post-concert mornings. Let yourselves be seduced and share the fascination. For one more smile.

Bogdan Benigar
Jazz and World Music Programme Director 

*As of 27 September, the Music of the World Season Subscription is available with a modified programme: instead of the sold-out concert by Guatemalan singer and guitarist Gaby Moreno (19 October), the Music of the World Subscription now includes the Argentine accordionist Chango Spasiuk concert on 18 October.

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