3 Jan - 4 Dec 2024

Salon with a View

A series of events dedicated to talks with incisive young international writers, Salon with a View aims at getting a deeper insight into their thought. At the same time, it seeks to create a new type of social gatherings, a new way of listening and meeting, a literary hub unique to our space. Through a creative use of the Alma Karlin Hall space, a state-of-the-art sound system and a live band, we aim to create an experience of a quality talk show, with a set design inspired by the urban landscape. This does not entail artificial scenography, but the scenic views of the cityscape offered by the venue. Before and after the event the attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and socialize, meet with the authors, in an intimate, yet laid-back atmosphere. We seek to offer our authors a comprehensive experience of Ljubljana’s cultural vibe.

The decisive factor in shaping the dynamic behind the talks will be the direction of the evenings as a whole, including musical acts, readings by professional actors and other potential interludes. We do not want to give too much attention to the trendy political correctness, nor aspire towards being provocative at all costs: We aim to host in-depth and serious talks about the process of writing and its social implications that will bypass dogmatisms. We will seek to unveil the ideological backgrounds of our guests and avoid any fads, while still keeping abreast of up-and-coming voices.

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CD Director General, Uršula Cetinski, expresses her thoughts on CD events and other affairs of current interest, of in-house and broader relevance. The blog is written in Slovenian.

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