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23 Dec 2023 19:30

Argentinsko - slovenski božič v Ljubljani 2023

Argentinian-Slovenian Christmas in Ljubljana 2023
Organised by: Kulturno društvo Simfonični orkester Cantabile

KD Cantabile continues the tradition of Christmas concerts at Cankarjev dom. This year's program, filled with passionate music, combines Slovenian and Argentinian cultures, taking us on a musical journey from the Alps to the Andes. We will stroll through a diverse range of musical expressions, from Argentinian spirited melodies and tango to Slovenian Christmas songs.

Argentinian composers (Ginastera, Piazzolla, and Ramirez) have created musical masterpieces that will complement the program alongside Slovenian Christmas music. In solo roles, we will be introduced to the Slovenian-Argentinian baritone Lucas Somoza Osterc, singer Estera Stojko, and the winner of the Matija Bravničar International Competition, violinist Gaja Žnidaršič. On stage, we will also welcome the Vocal Ensemble Virilis, united mixed and youth choir, and the Veris string orchestra. With the performance of Rezijanske, widely danced by folk groups in Argentina, we will pay tribute to the priest and composer Avgust Ipavc.

Join us for this exceptional concert of Argentinian and Slovenian music for Christmas in Ljubljana, where we will bring together the best of both worlds. Together, we will create memories that will linger within us for a long time.


A. Ginastera, A. Piazzolla, A. Ramirez, A. Ipavec, M. Grdadolnik, H. Wieniawski, L. Belar,
A. Vavken, D. Močnik, A. L. Webber



Argentinsko - slovenski božič v Ljubljani 2023

23 Dec 2023 19:30
23 Dec 2023 19:30
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12,00 | 15,00 | 18,00 | 22,00 EUR

Cantabile Symphony Orchestra
Marjan Grdadolnik, Conductor
Matej Avšič, Concertmaster
Lucas Somoza Osterc, Baritone
Estera Stojko, Vocal
Gaja Žnidaršič, Violin

Vocal Ensemble Virilis
MePZ Adoramus
MePZ Duri Col
MoPZ Razpotje Col
Veris String Orchestra
United Youth Choir (Adoramus, GŠ Logatec, GŠ Črnomelj, GŠ Kranj)

Mateja Rosa, Host
Damijan Bogataj, Producer




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