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5 Dec 2019 19:30

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra - Kromatika 4

Beethoven I
Mihail Agafita, conductor, Stefan Milenković, violina

Davor Lončar Petrović, Pocket Symphony 
L. van Beethoven, Violin Concerto
L. van Beethoven, Symphony No. 3, Eroica

In this year’s season, we will dedicate three concerts to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, to whom we pay tribute on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth.

The classicists Haydn and Mozart expressed the musical aesthetics of their time in the most sophisticated form, purifying the musical style of the so-called First Viennese School both expressively and formally. In the nineteenth century, their heritage was accepted and supplemented by musical Romanticism, with Beethoven playing a key role. Beethoven was shaped as an artistic personality during the turbulent political events of the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of nineteenth century (from the French Revolution and Napoleon’s conquests, to the Congress of Vienna), which pushed art from comfortable classical order to the turmoil and (both worldly and personal) drama of Romanticism.

The influence of Beethoven’s music marked almost all European composers well into the twentieth century, extending to the Slovenian cultural space, as well. We will therefore perform two of his most important and popular works: the mighty Third Symphony, Eroica, and the Violin Concerto. The soloist will be the world-renowned virtuoso Stefan Milenković (1977), who still today retains his reputation as the youngest graduate ever of the Belgrade Music Academy. We will be guided through the vastness of Beethoven’s music by Mihail Agafita (1973), the chief conductor of the Moldavian Philharmonic, who has more than seven hundred performances behind him, in concert halls from Moscow to Madrid.

RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra - Kromatika 4

5 Dec 2019 19:30
5 Dec 2019 19:30
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